Poly Seal Industries

Quality AssuranceWe are committed to making sure our products are made to the highest quality. We have well trained, experienced inspectors that verify all products we manufacture are made to the highest level of quality. Stringent production control and the latest technology are used to make sure the same quality results are met every time. 

Our inspectors use the following tools to insure quality:

  •  Starrett model 400 visual comparators with Quadra Check digital readouts to measure small or high tolerance parts to an accuracy of 1/10,000th inch.   
  • Binocular microscopes up to 30x power to inspect very small parts.
  • Magnifiers up to 10x power
  • Shore A durometers.
  • Total Indicated Run-out gauges that can precisely measure inserts and rollers from 1/32nd to 20 inches in diameter
  • Various digital calipers and height gauges to mechanically measure larger parts.

Every batch of rubber is tested to verify it meets our strict quality requirements.  This testing includes:

  • Durometer
  • Cure rheology data
  • Tensile strength
  • Tear strength
  • Compression set
  • Abrasion resistance
  • special testing for chemical resistance, aging, low temperature performance




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