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Cryogenic DeflashingCryogenic Deflashing

Liquid nitrogen deflashing machines are used to process thousands of parts per cycle (5 to 10 minutes per cycle) resulting in superior part quality at a fraction of the cost.  This process safely removes all flash without affecting the surface finish, or physical properties of the elastomer.  Poly Seal was one of the first companies in California to adopt modern cryogenic deflashing technology, having over 31 years of experience.  We have developed a reputation for excellence that has allowed us to process product for many other rubber companies in the state.


Laser Engraving & Etching

We can engrave any rubber part with tracking information, batch numbers, customer logos or any else our customers might require. We can also engrave or etch metal, plastic, wood and leather.


Machining & GrindingSpecial Machining & Grinding Services

We have developed special machines over the years to make the parts needed by our customers in a cost effective method. The machine pictured here was configured to bore a very precise hole through a rubber roller and a metal insert using a special cutter spinning at over 12,000 rpm. It does this at the rate of one part every second.


Rubber to Metal Bonding

We are able to bond rubber to any number of substrates; aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastics.  Bond strengths are tested to verify that they exceed the tear and tensile strength of the rubber itself. 


Die-Cut Rubber

Die Cutting of Sheet Rubber

We have over 40 years of experience in designing steel rule dies to create exactly what our  customers need in a die cut part. Not only can we provide a wide variety of parts cut from cured sheet rubber of all different elastomers, colors and hardnesses, we provide many of them with adhesive backings or tapes.



Post Curing of Molded Parts

Post Curing of Molded Parts

We utilize the most up-to-date computer controlled curing ovens to post cure precision molded rubber parts.  This allows us to achieve  the highest purity and physical properties for the material. 




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